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If you are struggling with a particular emotion or pattern that’s showing up in your life, it is likely that there is a root to this emotion in a childhood experience. 

Your subconscious mind stores this emotion and the the beliefs system that were formed because of the difficult event continue to affect your adult life.

As adults we often learn to lock away memories or emotions, as they feel too painful to revisit.

With Matrix Reimprinting, I have techniques to help you tune in to your emotions and trace it back to a memory earlier on in life that caused your current issue.

In a safe and controlled way, I help you to clear the emotional trauma, using your subconscious mind, and guide you to change the memory to a positive and empowering experience, which is then “re-imprinted” into your subconscious mind, having a permanent and beneficial effect. This technique is safe and gentle, and ensures you will not re-experience previous trauma.



Our beliefs are what shapes our perception of the world around us. They shape our thoughts, which in turn cause emotional responses based on the situation in front of us. 

For example, if someone has the belief, ‘The world is a dangerous place’, they will seek to validate that belief by finding danger all around them, which keeps them in a stressed and anxious state.

What beliefs do you have about yourself? Do you believe you are good enough? Is the world a safe or dangerous place? 

Many of our beliefs will be positive, but we will also have formed negative/limiting beliefs based on traumatic events in our lives that now hold us back in life and cause problems for our health.

As all of our beliefs are stored in our subconscious mind they are difficult to change. Science now proves that our subconscious mind is 95% more powerful than the conscious mind. This is why willpower, positive thinking and affirmations don’t always work.

Matrix Reimprinting is a bridge between the two minds and has helped thousands of people find the root causes of old patterns and beliefs by reimprinting events that are stored in their subconscious.

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