When I was pregnant with my second baby I was worried I'd never be able to love another child as much as I loved my first.

I worried that I'd be a terrible mum and that I wouldn't bond with him.

How wrong I was.

Yes, the exhaustion of a newborn and a toddler was crashing, but I loved my new baby more than I ever thought possible.

Who knew that love isn't finite?! There isn't a certain amount you've got to give to your children that needs to be shared between them.

Becoming a mum, and becoming a mum of two (or more) definitely tests you in ways I never thought possible, but it also teaches you that you have an infinite and never-ending supply of love inside you.

Did you worry about this? Or maybe you're worrying now? You're not alone, and you're totally normal. If you have some words of encouragement to other mums who might be feeling like this, drop them below.

(Pic of my daughter meeting her brother!)

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