Victim Mode

I have found myself slipping into victim mode more than once or twice over the past month.

The ceiling falling in on my premises The Little Hub, having to cancel clients and classes, losing money, expensive replacements on my car… I have found myself wailing internally, “the universe is testing me!”

Yes, it has felt like sh*t at times – but I have to remind myself that I have a CHOICE in how I respond to all these challenges.

I could sit here and cry, “ It isn’t fair! Why is my life so cr*ppy right now?!!” But actually that just makes me feel worse and compounds the effect of feeling like a victim.

I have allowed myself time to feel how I feel, tried to show myself the compassion I’d give other people in this situation… But just not allowed myself to stay there too long.

So I’m choosing to dust myself down (literally, some days, after I’ve been in the building site that is currently The Little Hub), suck it up and NOT play the victim.

I know I have every privilege and advantage in life. I’m a white, well educated female, with children, family and friends, a roof over my head, and I know whatever happens, essentially everything will be okay.

I know most of the world isn’t as lucky as I am and I try not to take my privilege for granted.

Do you notice yourself slipping into victim mode sometimes?

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