Unsolicited parenting advice and the mind monkeys

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I’m dropping in today with something silly but also some food for thought. Unsolicited parenting advice is a bit like that voice in your head that most of us have… I certainly have it, do you? Do you know the one I’m talking about…? The one that tells you you’re a terrible mum because your house is a mess, your children are fussy eaters because you’re a rubbish cook, you’re doing something wrong because your baby doesn’t sleep through the night, the kids are always bickering and it’s your fault, you’re not making enough progress in your work, everyone else is doing better than you, you're somehow “not enough”? All of that is wonky and quite frankly a load of b*llocks. Don’t listen to that voice inside your head… it isn’t you. It’s not your intuition, it’s not your higher self, it’s not your inner guide, it’s not even your own thoughts! 🤯 Where does that voice (some people call it the mind monkeys) come from?! Conditioning! Everything you’ve ever seen or heard, right from childhood and even before you were born, has helped you form beliefs about how you should be as a parent. Now anything that has the word “should” attached to it makes me immediately uncomfortable. There is no “should” for how to mother, only the way that feels best for you, Remind yourself you are the heart 💖 of your family, you ARE doing an amazing job. You are safe, and you are loved. I hope you have a lovely week, and please, try and notice the mind monkeys in your head. Don’t take what they say as gospel. When they're trying to tell you a load of wonky b*llocks, stop them right in their tracks and tell them to F off. Lots of love Corinna

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