Trapped emotions

There are no BAD emotions, but they can become a problem if they get stuck

in the body.

When we are “triggered”, these stuck emotions rise and show us what we need to heal or integrate.

Triggers are always lessons for us.

We always have a choice…

to push them back down,

or let them rise

and release them.

This is how we start to heal.

Try EFT tapping, (YouTube it!) journaling, painting or drawing, creativity in general helps you to release ”stuck” emotions…

Sometimes talking about your experience, for example, a difficult birth, and going over and over it, can be the worst thing you can do, because it deepens the neural pathways in your brain and makes the feelings more intense.

I would love to help you if you’re feeling “stuck“, due to a particularly difficult experience, whether it was your pregnancy, birth, or postnatal period.

Just DM me the word RELEASE

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