The reminder I need

This is the reminder I have needed more than once in my life. ❤️

No-one is coming to save me. No-one cares about my well-being as much as ME. If I want to make a difference to other people, guess where I have to start? On ME.

It’s the same for all of us. If you want to make sure your children are happy, make sure YOU’RE happy.

Pay attention to YOUR needs. Take a moment, and ask yourself, what do I NEED?

Quiet time, support, a massage, hugs, a friendly face?

Seek it out, ask for help… you’ll probably find that if you really think about it there are more people out there willing to help than you’d originally thought.

You’ll actually be doing THEM a favour. How nice does it feel when you can help someone? ❤️

If you’d like some support to move on from a difficult perinatal experience, DM me the word RECONNECTION for info on my new 6 week program, which will help you dissolve and release negative energy attached to those difficult emotions.

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