Suffering with the after-effects of a difficult or traumatic birth is not a mental health issue.

➡️ It’s a completely natural response to what feels like, and sometimes is, a life threatening event.

➡️ Experiencing flashbacks, being triggered by things you see or hear, intense anxiety about your baby, feeling disconnected from yourself, your baby, and the world around you, is all sadly very common- but not normal.

➡️Trauma symptoms can develop into more severe mental health problems if left untreated, and getting referred to a therapist can take time.

➡️ The 3 Step Rewind technique which I use with parents who have experienced a difficult or traumatic birth, offers a safe, gentle, and extremely effective process that can be used to lift the debilitating symptoms of perinatal trauma.

❤️ I would love to help you transform your parenting experience from surviving to thriving.

1:1 packages start at just £250, please drop me a message and let’s chat about how I can help you. ❤️

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