Self-soothing for mamas

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “self-soothing” when applied to a baby (I don’t like the term and if you want to know why, DM me!) … but have you thought about how YOU can soothe yourself?

If you’re in a state of nervous system dysregulation, it makes it very difficult to soothe your little ones, as they pick up so much from your energy. They need you to co-regulate their nerves, so it makes sense to look after yourself first, doesn’t it?

Check below for a few ideas of how you can self-soothe and get yourself into a calmer state, so you have a better chance of responding to your children from a place of calm rather than overwhelm.

I have one space left to work with me 1:1 starting the week after next, so if you’d like some support to let go of trauma that’s happened during your motherhood journey, drop me a message and let’s chat.

❤️ Try the affirmation “I am safe, my babies are safe, we are all safe”

❤️Take five minutes in the morning sun to breathe. Place a hand on your heart and a hand on your belly, and with each breath, imagine the golden light of the sun filling your whole body.

❤️ Cry. It’s a natural form of self-soothing and stimulates release of oxytocin and endorphins… which ease physical and emotional pain.

❤️ Disconnect from your phone. Obvs.

❤️ Sing. You produce endorphins and OXYTOCIN when you sing, and the oxygen flows into your lungs and helps regulate your breathing, taking you into the relaxation response.

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