Not everything in life happens for a reason.

Sometimes things are just shit. 🤷🏼‍♀️

However… we can take a lesson or learn from everything that happens.

Perhaps what you went through made you stronger and more resilient.

Maybe it hasn’t yet but maybe it will.

Maybe it might even set you on a new path.

Everything we go through is a lesson or an opportunity for growth.

If I hadn’t struggled when I had my first baby, maybe I wouldn’t have the compassion I have now for new mums, and the ability to support them from a place of empathy and understanding.

If I hadn’t had a traumatic first pregnancy, I might not have had an interest in supporting other mums who’ve been through perinatal trauma.

If I’d had “good sleepers”, I might not have educated myself on physiologically normal baby behaviour and development.

If I hadn’t felt lonely and lost as a new mum, I might not have created a community of 600+ mums over the last four years, who support each other.

Of course I’ve been through lots of other difficult times in my life which I won’t bore you with! 🤣

❌ You know I’m not about toxic positivity, and everything DOESN’T happen for a reason, (some things are just 💩) but we CAN learn from every situation.

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