If you’re a highly sensitive person and a mum suffering with anxiety…

Updated: Jul 19

It was most likely created by a younger version of yourself.

That anxiety was designed by your subconscious mind to keep you safe, as a mechanism to protect you and help you survive difficult experiences.

As children we’re not emotionally or cognitively mature enough to deal with challenging situations that might arise, so we do the best we can with what we have.

Our subconscious mind learns that behaving or feeling a certain way keeps us safe even if that’s not the case…

As children we can’t always decipher reality from what we’ve made up.

So that programming becomes our default setting into adulthood… Even though it’s not serving us anymore.

We are still subconsciously operating from that place of childhood, often feeling disempowered.

Imagine yourself now as a child, that sensitive little girl who might have struggled with difficult situations she couldn’t make sense of.

Ask her what she needs right now… and create it for her in your imagination.

Helping your inner child to heal is a massive step on the road to being able to cope with anxiety as an adult.

That highly sensitive little girl is still in there, and she still needs to be shown love, care and compassion.

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