Five tips to help your own mental well-being

Sometimes it can all feel too heavy can’t it? 🌧

Everything that’s going on in the world, on top of the very real mental and physical load of motherhood.

Now more than ever- it’s important for us to remember that we can’t be all that we need to be, or look after those we need to look after, unless we look after ourselves, and make it a priority.

You go to hospital for a broken leg, but what do you do if you’re struggling with your mind? Of course, you might need to seek professional help, but there are little things you can do (even with the busy-ness of mum life going on around you.)

1. Dance 💖 Movement can help you release trauma that’s imprinted on your body. You don’t have to go clubbing, five minutes dancing in your kitchen is enough to make you feel a bit better. Hold your baby or dance with your little ones… they will LOVE it too.

2. Being intentional with self-care, for example taking yourself for a walk, ⛅️ for the sole purpose of feeling better, not just to run errands (though you can do this while you’re out.)

3. The intention is the important part, and that sends messages to your brain 🧠 that you are taking care of yourself, and helps you move into a state of relaxation. 🌈

4. Give yourself a sense of achievement. ✅ Make yourself an easy to-do list and tick things off as you do them.

5. Breathe. Seems obvious, I know. But how often do we actually stop and focus on breathing deeply, from the belly? 🌞 Just give yourself three deep breaths whenever you notice yourself feeling anxious, and see if things change slightly.

Save these tips to come back to, and let me know… what do you do to support your own mental well-being? 💖

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