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Mother's Kiss

Working with Corinna was a great experience. Corinna made me feel safe, comfortable and listened to during our sessions and I felt very at ease discussing even the most traumatic parts of my experience with her.

 This was the first opportunity I had had to properly go over the time and experience after my son was born and it was met with support, understanding and compassion. 

I felt very at ease with Corinna as soon as we started talking, despite having never met her and doing the sessions over Zoom. 

The rewind sessions were conducted in a very friendly but professional manner and I felt I had plenty of space and time to work through the trauma. 

I'm so glad I decided to contact Corinna and book onto these sessions as they have made such a difference to the memories I hold around that time, the day to day side effects and the thoughts of having another baby. 

I can also remember some of the more positive moments from the experience, but most importantly I feel at peace with it. 

Thank you so much for everything you've done for me Corinna, it's helped an incredible amount.

Mother in Love

When you meet Corinna, you instantly feel her warming and supportive energy, I also loved how down to Earth she was. I knew I had met someone I could trust and open up to, and who would just get it.

…the sessions are delivered in a way that makes you feel held, supported and calm the entire time.


After having the Birth Trauma sessions I’ve been able to let go of the feelings that were subconsciously running my life and I can now enjoy many more present moments with my daughter.


 I no longer dread being asked about the birth and can talk about my experience openly – something I avoided before.


Prior to sessions with Corinna I was often triggered by ambulances, resulting in intense flashbacks and overwhelming emotions. Since the sessions, the flashbacks are gone. I still see the ambulance and remember the birth but the tears don’t follow, instead I now feel calm.


If you are considering 1:1 birth trauma sessions with Corinna I would strongly recommend them. I have no doubt that they will continue to have positive impact on my parenting journey and I would not be thriving in the same way I am now without them. 

My sessions with Corinna are one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself, and she’s made such a difference to my life.

Proud Parents

Following my traumatic birth, I experienced high levels of anxiety, hypervigilance and very distressing intrusive thoughts. I was constantly on high alert that something terrible would happen to my baby.

I also felt reminded of my difficult labour at random and unexpected times which was challenging to deal with. 

Having had my sessions with Corinna, I feel like I can now discuss my birth without the waves of emotion and disappointment I once felt.

I also have experienced a huge decrease in the level of intrusive thoughts and anxiety. 
I have a new perspective on the memories of my birth.

Whilst it will always be a significant day for many reasons, the difficult memories feel less 'all consuming' and more benign and mundane. 

I am able to be very matter of fact about my birth and find old triggers no longer have the same influence over me.

I have been able to use the relaxation imagery I created during the meditation as a coping technique in my day to day life if I experience a trigger. I immediately think of this place/imagery and it allows me to detach myself from the power and rawness of any triggering thought. 

I found Corinna to be a wonderful listener and compassionate and empathetic coach. I felt understood by her and felt immediately at ease with her.

She is very skilled in the important work she does: essentially bringing women back to themselves again following the trauma that can sometimes arise in the context of birth.  I would have no hesitation recommending her and her technique to others.  

Happy Family

After that first session with you (which was so relaxing), I noticed that night, that my levels of anxiety had dropped already.

I couldn't believe it. 

After the second session, I had the best night's sleep and it felt like all the heightened emotions I was constantly feeling had somehow taken a huge step back. 

I feel so much better in myself.

I can sleep better and have so much more energy now.

Newborn's Care_edited.jpg

Before working with Corinna, I felt traumatised after my last birth and was was unable to imagine a positive experience in hospital.

After working with Corinna I had the most amazing water birth... I felt safe and secure throughout the whole thing, despite being in hospital. Everything Corinna did for me helped so much and meant I could go into this birth and newborn experience in a much more positive way than I thought would be possible.

Mother with her Child

I've needed to do something like this for so long and I'm finally sorting my mental health out.

I just wish I'd done it sooner. I'm actually excited for the future for the first time in a long time.

I really enjoyed the sessions... I'm feeling emotional but that means I'm actually able to feel emotions again after I've lived so long without being able to deal with any emotions.

I've learned such a lot about myself, I feel so empowered. Thank you.

Mother with her Baby

Before the sessions I was struggling with anxiety and overthinking, especially when it came to my son, always thinking he was in danger or something bad was going to happen. The thought of adding another child to the mix was a terrifying thought too.

The sessions helped me to deal with my experience that happened so long ago I was able to bring those feelings back and deal with them and not feel so afraid of them. The memories feel a lot less intense now.

I saw something recently on social media that would have triggered my feelings and as I was reading it I found myself calm and realised I’ve been able to grieve and move on from it.

I have tools now to cope with things that trigger me and have used a few of them already that have helped.

I felt very relaxed and safe and understood. Going into a dark part of my past has always been a scary thing but I was able to open up without judgment. I was heard and understood, and treated with care and compassion.

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